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Good to know:

  • A complete online system which you can start with immediately.
  • Proven excellent income possibilities.
  • No external office necessary.
  • You can administer our systems from a PC anywhere.
  • As a main source of income or as an extra.
  • Work alone, self-employed or with staff.
  • No start-up costs.
  • Also for career changers.

What we offer:

  • A perfectly-functioning online COMPLETE SYSTEM. Already in use in many countries. One of the most frequently-visited platforms including chat, telephone, (Web phone) and Webcam with excellent turnover possibilities.
  • Non-customer area, customer area, staff area, administrator area. All of it simple, well-organized, logical and very easy to operate.
  • Existent online payment system "com easy-payment®" for your customers. Nearly EVERYONE can PAY IMMEDIATELY with just "2clicks". No credit cards necessary. Ready for immediate start.
  • Automatic invoicing and payment to the operator and the staff.
  • Advisors and staff are offered a very high customer frequency.
  • Information about where advertising can be booked, should you be an independent operator.
  • 24/7 support
  • ...

Income opportunities and licence fees:

  • Income opportunities know no bounds. It is up to you if you operate the system as a staff member, independently or with 1, 10, 20 …staff of your own.
  • Licence fees for self-employed operators: these are dependent on your turnover.

Your start-up costs:

  • As staff member: none.
  • As self-employed operator: as good as none. You will receive from us, free of charge, all the information and advice you want and need until you are sure that you would like to operate a system on your own. After you have decided to do it, you will be trained on the system for 2 times 5 hours. We ask for a security deposit of € 350.00. This will be paid back to you.

Questions and help:

  • At any time you can have answers to your questions from us free of charge. It doesn't matter if the questions are before you start operating a system or help while doing so.

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